Does Sketch NanoGard Emit an Odor?

SKETCHNANOGARD will emit an odor that is similar to oil-based paint or nail polish during the application process. This smell will dissipate almost completely within 2 - 4 hours.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Once the coating is fully cured (21 days), SKETCHNANOGARD coated windows should only be washed with warm water and a mild dish soap. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals such as solvents, citrus oil, ammonia, bleach & alcohol, etc. Learn more about cleaning and caring for your coated windows on our Care & Instructions Guide.

Do you offer warranty for SketchNanoGard Liquid Coating?

We warrant the successful installation of the product for 10 years, and assure that SKETCHNANOGARD will not discolour, peel, crack or bubble and will continue to perform for 20 plus years in normal conditions.

Can you apply SketchNanoGard over top of a window film?

We recommend removing the film and applying our coating directly on the glass.

How long does SketchNanoGard take to dry after application?

The surface will be “touch” dry in 3-4 hours and completely cured (hardened) in 2 weeks. Windows can be opened after touch-dry stage. Estimates are based on room temperature of 21°C.


How is SketchNanoGard Thermal applied?

All work is completed on-site, directly on your existing windows. SKETCHNANOGARD is applied in liquid form with a high-density foam roller, directly onto the glass surface. First we clean and prepare the glass thoroughly. Next we mix the Nano-technology with the hardening agent and apply the coating. The final step is curing. 

How much does this product/service cost?

Approximately 15% – 20% of what you would expect to pay for new high efficiency windows.  It’s very affordable, and pleasantly surprises even the tightest of budgets.  An average residential home can safely budget $35 – $80/month.  Please view our affordable financing options.

How long will it take to complete the work?

Most homes can be completed in 1 – 3 days depending on how many windows you have.  Commercial locations will be scheduled so that you can have as little disruption as possible to your work day and staff. 

Can I buy the product and apply it myself?

Unfortunately no.  In order to warrant the product and it’s results SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating is applied only by certified and professionally trained application specialists.  

What areas do you service? 

Primarily we service Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and surrounding areas. However we are willing to travel, please reach out to us and we will discuss available options.

Would you like more information about SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating?

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