Jeanne & Jim Willis – Linden, Alberta

Stefan, thank you so much for the window coating work!  And thanks to Ruth too! It was lovely to meet her as well. 

Yesterday afternoon we were already noticing the remarkable difference in the heat transfer in our big living room windows!  Wow!  We are delighted!  And so glad to find out about your company & this product!  

Thanks again!
Jeanne & Jim Willis



John C – Red Deer, Alberta 

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your product.  We were looking for months for a way to cool down some of our office space that gets direct sunlight all day. 

Some days the heat in the office was unbearable and no matter what we tried it didn't seem to help even with the air-conditioning turned on high.

Then we were introduced to SketchNanoGard.  When I first heard about the product I thought it was too good to be true. How could you apply a liquid to the windows that would block the heat & UV rays?

We had your people install the product and I was absolutely shocked at the difference it made. Now the offices are cool, and there is no heat coming through the windows. The employees in those offices are very happy with the results. 
Thank you very much. 
John C


Wendy Yorke – Red Deer, Alberta

My master bedroom was so hot that I was unable to sleep up stairs, and had to relocate my bedroom to the basement. 

I had my windows done on Thursday & I could tell a big difference a few hours after it was completed. 
I’m happy to report that I have moved back up stairs into my master bedroom and sleep so comfortably now.

Thanks for the great job. Wendy Y.


Debra Martens
Director of First Impressions
Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development

Everything Olds is housed in an older building.  Reception is all windows.  It is very cold in the winter and stifling hot in the summer. 

Recently, Stefan and his team from Window Innovations treated our office windows with SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating.  It has made a huge difference and didn’t break our bank! 

Not only is the technology energy efficient, it is cool this summer in our office and it stays cool!   Big thank you to Window Innovations for their care and professionalism!  
Debra M.


Jennifer M – Calgary, Alberta

In the 30 days since having the SketchNanoGard coating applied to our condo’s windows, we have noticed a substantial decrease in room temperature.

Our master bedroom, located on a top floor, used to heat up like a solarium, even with the air conditioning at full blast, and now the temperature rests at least 4-5 degrees celsius lower than it did prior to the application.‎ It is much easier to keep the temperature at a steady, comfortable setting. The product is almost invisible to the eye; if we don’t tell people it was applied, no one would be the wiser!
Jennifer M.

Elizabeth Urlacher – Red Deer, Alberta 
Window Innovations Ltd. Owner


Prior to attaining Window Innovations my husband Brian and I priced out all new triple pane high quality windows for our 1200 sq ft. 60 year old home. The budget for new windows was just under $30,000. 

Next Stefan came and measured our windows and his quote to roll the liquid insulation onto our windows was under $4000.  What a difference in budget!  We knew at that moment that this was a product that people could afford and solved real problems with energy consumption. 

Summer of 2018 our home’s original 1960’s windows were coated.  

I work from home and the a/c unit sits outside my office window. It’s a noisy distraction each time it kicks in.  Day one post coating I noticed that the a/c was not running constantly.  It was a welcomed quiet. I could just feel my power bill shrinking. 

During the winter time I always kept a space heater in my office to stay warm.  This winter I didn’t need one at all. 

Most impressive to my heart was having my cabin’s windows coated.  



Based on our savings multiplied by the 20 year known life span of our product (it grows every year) I expect to save more than $24,000.  I’m very proud to know that all of my window glass is not sitting in a landfill here in Red Deer. 

In summary, after monitoring our power bill this last year we have found that we are saving around $100/month, and we still have one more major south facing 7’ x 7’ window to coat in our house.  We couldn’t coat this window initially since it had a crack.  It’s now been replaced and will be coated this summer.  So our power bill should experience a little more reduction again this year! 

Even my cat, Keirie, loves to escape the heat on hot days snoozing in the cabin and joins us for Backgammon nights in the winter since it’s cozy and warm. 

Previously the cabin would heat up like wild in the summer since it’s a dark building with a dark roof.  Now it’s much cooler! 

The cabin was not intended to be a 4 season building when we constructed it, and it’s R value was the same. 

My cabin has recycled single pane windows.  We purchased all of it’s windows from Habitat for Humanity over 15 years ago for a whopping total of $75.

Elizabeth Urlacher



Congratulations to all of the families, business’s and institutions who have recently had their windows coated with our Liquid Insulation for Glass; SketchNanoGard Thermal.

They each have now joined forces with us in "Helping to Better the Earth - One Window at a Time!"

Way to go!
Your Window Innovations Team


The Historic Hochzeitshaus – Berlin, Germany

We were enlisted to improve the energy efficiency of one of the oldest and few remaining historical buildings that survived the bombings of WWII in Berlin Germany. 

Preserving the architectural appearance (including windows) of historical buildings is governed by German law.  Compliance will not allow the installation of triple pane or new energy efficient windows.  Windows may only be replaced with original glass quality, resulting in continued high volumes of energy consumption through significant heat losses and gains. 

Read the Hochzeitshaus news story here.

Beet Top Cafe – Lacombe, Alberta


Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum – Red Deer, Alberta


CrossRoads Church – Red Deer, Alberta

CrossRoads Church - Red Deer, Alberta

Safe & Sound Daycare – Olds, Alberta

ABC Country Restaurant – Red Deer, Alberta


ABC Country Restaurant



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